•  10/06/2022 23:40

Our new video "Back against the wall" is online now on HARDCORE WORLDWIDE YouTube channel.

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  •  10/06/2022 23:14

Our debut album is finally available in CD / LP & Digital

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  •  31/01/2022 02:43

Street Core Worldwide is available now on all the digital platforms

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  •  31/01/2022 02:34

"Stand our ground" Out in April 2022 on on Sunny Bastard Records and Demons Run Amok Entertainment

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  •  02/02/2021 00:56
No Restraints is a street core band with heavy streetpunk/Oi! and NYHC influences, based in Vercelli, north west italy.
After recording 2 songs for the debut single, the band completed the song list for their set and started the live activity in autumn 2019. In the first gigs the band shared the stage with great bands such Crim, Exploited and Maid of Ace, and some other european gigs were planned for 2020. Unfotunately all of them have been cancelled due to corona virus restriction. live activity finally restarted in december 2021, and in 2022 the band had the chance to play several gigs around italy and europe, including a german mini tour together with Booze & Glory. in 2023 together with a lot of studio work, No Restraints keep playing gigs both in italy and europe, visiting for the first time new countries as Poland and Austria, where they took part to the amazing Farewell gig of Only attitude counts.

After a couple of 7" and the debut album No Restraints just released in november 2023 a split LP with This means war from the netherlands, issued on vinyl by Sunny Bastard Records and on CD by Hardcore Tattoo records. The album reached for two weeks straight the Coretex sales charts, topping at number 18.
The band just completed the recordings of other 5 songs for another LP split, this time with Dead '77 from Los Angeles. The release is foreseen for may 2024 on demons run amok entertainment.

No Restraints are:  Johnny - Voice    Fax - Guitar    Fere - Bass      Dave - Drums

- T-Shirts, Records, buttons, directly from the band - the same stuffs you can find at our gigs.

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- Our page on Epic Merch Store!!! Here you can find some exclusive merch like hoodies, zippers, beanies, tank tops and much more!!!

visit the EMS store HERE!!!  - More designs coming soon!!!

MERCH imageMERCH image
A L B U M :

No Restraints / This means war - Leave a trace split LP

Release date: 03 November 2023 on CD, vinyl & digital
Label: Sunny Bastard Records / Hardcore Tattoo Records

Pressing info:
-Vinyl (Sunny Bastard) : first press of 500 copies in 3 different versions:
100 black - 200 translite orange - 200 translite blue

- CD (Hardcore Tattoo) : 300 copies on 3 panel Digipack.

No Restraints - Stand our ground LP

Release date: 22 April 2022 on CD, vinyl & digital platforms
Label: Sunny Bastard Records / Demons Run Amok entertaintment

Pressing info:
-Vinyl (Sunny Bastard) : first press of 300 copies in 3 different versions:
100 gold/black swirle - 100 red / blue haze - 100 mixed unique colors

- CD (Demons Run Amok) : 1.000 copies on 3 panel Digipack.


E P' S & S I N G L E S :
No Restraints / Spider Crew - Through our veins split 7"

Release date: 29 February 2020 on vinyl & digital platforms
Label: Randale Records / Olde Tyme Records / Spook Records / WTF Records

Pressing info:
- 200 white/green marble - 100 red - 100 purple - 100 green


No Restraints / Day Drinker - Same streets split 7"

Release date: 13 november 2020 on vinyl & digital platforms
Label: Sunny Bastards Records

Pressing info:
- 200 orange / black  - 100 black  - 100 clear/white  - 100 mixed unique colors

​- "sun of a bastard vol. 12"  released by Sunny Bastard records the 22 of february 2020
- "The family of Oi!" vol. 1 released in the U.S.A. by 8 up records the 11 of april 2020
- "The family of Oi!" vol. 2 released in the U.S.A. by 8 up records the 26 of July 2020
- "Hardcore Gateway vol. 2" released by Hardcore gateway webzine/records in winter 2020
- "Punk in the streets vol. 9" released by Vicious Mistress records the 11 of February 2021
- "Radio Ponte vol. 1 - Core in fiamme" - Benefit compilation released the 21 of May 2021
- "Spirit of D.I.Y. vol. 5" - released by Punkboot promotions the 25 of August 2021
- "Your riot is our riot" - benefit compilation on vinyl for Roger Miret, out in febraury/march 2022
- "Tribute to The Analogs - Uliczni Wojownicy" released by Hardcore Tattoo records, out in march 2023

Listen to No Restraints now!!!!

Our music on all the main digital platforms: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and many others

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  • Novara, Piemonte, Italia

To book a show for No Restraints write to: kobrecords@yahoo.it Or visit KOB Records booking website: https://www.kobrecords.org/tour https://www.facebook.com/kobbooking